Dual Dog Leash - Blue

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Caldwell's Dual Dog Leash is cleverly designed to provide you with durable and dependable control when walking your two dogs. Our leash measures a whopping 54" in length to provide your pups with ample space to sniff and move about while enjoying their time with you.

You will find a large metal trigger clasp at each leash end. These allow you to quickly and easily attach the dual leash to your dogs’ collars and/or harnesses.

The length of our two-dog leash still complies with the 6' leash restriction which many environments now require. This hefty leash is suitable for dogs over 20 pounds. Superior quality is evident with the braided nylon/polyester webbing. It has been strength tested to withstand up to 350 pounds of pull.

The strength of this dual leash makes it great for even those extra-large dogs. Our unique handle is made of a super thick (unbendable) plastic tube which is then covered with soft, cushiony neoprene. The ergonomic design makes this handle feel great in any size hand. The handle width is just under 5” to accommodate even the largest of hands. The greatest advantage to our dual dog leash is only needing one hand to walk two dogs!

That leaves your other hand free to manage other important tasks. Our beefy 360-degree metal swivel connector creates a tangle-free experience for a pleasant, enjoyable walk. Your dogs will be able to cross back and forth along the path avoiding the annoying tangles of traditional leashes. Your pups will love having the freedom of movement as much as you will!

Start enjoying your walks together once again with Caldwell’s Dual Dog Leash! Hand washable with soapy water, hang or lay flat to dry. Available in black, blue, or red.