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Caldwell’s original hands-free running leash has become the multi-purpose dog leash that so many people have been searching for. From dog trainers to outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and even stay-at-home pet parents… they all love our hands-free pet leash! Why? I’ll start with some very important features.

We use only industrial-grade nylon/polyester webbing (think seatbelt) which provides the ultimate in strength and durability. This superior webbing also has two thick rows of reflective stitching for safety at night. The heavy-duty quick-release waist belt clasp, leash clasp, and heavy nickel-plated metal trigger clip are all premium quality components.

Due to the weight of the trigger clip, we recommend this leash only for medium and large dogs. The waist belt adjusts from 26.5” – 47.8” to fit a wide range of pet owners. The detachable leash can be adjusted from 35” – 58” to allow for different types of activities. Professional dog trainers like using our hands-free leash to teach dogs to “heel” and for other basic commands.

The clips on the belt AND leash extension, make switching between hands-free and in-hand guidance very easy. Runners enjoy the adjustable straight leash as it prevents the dog from any lunging or pulling that would throw the runner off balance. Most bungee leashes are not suitable for running with your dog.

We recommend dog owners start practicing with the hands-free leash with simple, short walks. Once you and your pup are familiar with the feel of the leash you can slowly work your way to jogging/running. Hikers love our hands-free dog leash for exploring the world with their furry friends. It’s important to keep your balance when hiking, so having both of your hands-free for balance is important for your safety

Sometimes pet parents need to keep their eye on their pooch while going about their daily activities. Our leash is lightweight with a sleek design which is perfect for activities that require space free from bulky objects. So why do so many people love Caldwell’s hands-free multi-purpose leash? It’s simple… the price, the simplicity, the durability, and versatility.