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Housetraining with Potty Bells

Housetraining with Potty Bells

Follow these 3 simple steps to train your new puppy or your older dog. Potty Bells are the best training tool for any age pup!

Step 1: Hang your Potty Bell from the door handle you want your pup to use when going outside for potty time. Hold the strap in your hand and show the Potty Bell to your dog. DO NOT jingle the bells loudly in your dog’s face, as this may frighten them. Point to the bells and say, “Touch!” You should then demonstrate a very gentle touch just so your pup hears a soft jingle. When your dog touches the bells with their nose or paw, give a treat and praise them, “Good job!” Repeat this until they have the idea.

Step 2: Once your dog rings the Potty Bell upon your request, open the door and step outside with your dog. Immediately reward them with a treat and praise. This will teach them that ringing the bell involves going outside. Repeat this step several times.

Step 3: Now it is time to teach your pup to ring the Potty Bell ONLY for potty time. The next time you sense your dog may need to potty, put them on a leash and take them through the process. Point to the Potty Bell and say, “Touch!” Open the door and lead your dog directly to where you want them to potty. Once your dog goes potty, give a treat and LOTS of praise, “Good job!” Lead them DIRECTLY back inside. DO NOT stay outside to play with them. This will make your dog think ringing the bell might mean playtime outside instead of going out to potty. Repeat these steps several times. Before you know it, your dog will be fully potty trained! Congratulations! Your dog will LOVE you for it!